Friday, July 4, 2014

Musical Review: "Sevin Sins" by Maria Kanellis

I'm Baaaaaaaack! And I'm here with an new musical review of Sevin Sins which is the debut EP of our favorite red-headed former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis. Maria has stated in the past that she refused to let WWE influence on her personal works which was an reason for her dismissal. I happy that she didn't let them, She was better off without them.


"Sevin Sins" was released as  iTunes Store exclusive on April 13, 2010 under Ms. Zombie Entertainment. The EP is produced by Alejandro Valencia and Rene Garza. All five songs were written by Kanellis along with the help of Joy Valencia, Alejandro Valencia, Rene Garza and Mark Lonsway.



  • "Alice in Wonderland", is the first track featured on Maria's EP and is my favorite track as well. I feel like it stands out for me as opposed to the other. I have come to notice a slight sound of Marilyn Monroe in Kanellis' voice.
  • "Fantasy" , is the Kanellis' debut single as well as the lead single of "Sevin Sins". The official music video was released along with the song, it can viewed here -----
  • "Change Your Mind", is the third song featured in the EP.   Kanellis seems stripped back and emotionally bare on this track. 
  •  "Sevin Sins", is the final and fourth song as well named after the EP, however the song was way overpowered by the production to the point, the song fail flat for me.
Overall Review: The album itself is pretty good, not great nor bad. The self EP entitled track "Sevin Sins" was the disappointing part about the EP. Alice In Wonder Land is the best, Change Your Mind is the inbetween good and great, Fantasy is in neutral to slightly positive, while Sevin Sins was the Bad. Maria, I loved you in the ring and I love your music, but the EP needs a lot of work. The average listener likely won’t dismiss listening to this EP; if it’s catchy and has a great hook — it works. Hey! Its good for being released Independently, besides that the EP earns an C+.

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