Friday, July 4, 2014

Musical Review: "Sevin Sins" by Maria Kanellis

I'm Baaaaaaaack! And I'm here with an new musical review of Sevin Sins which is the debut EP of our favorite red-headed former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis. Maria has stated in the past that she refused to let WWE influence on her personal works which was an reason for her dismissal. I happy that she didn't let them, She was better off without them.


"Sevin Sins" was released as  iTunes Store exclusive on April 13, 2010 under Ms. Zombie Entertainment. The EP is produced by Alejandro Valencia and Rene Garza. All five songs were written by Kanellis along with the help of Joy Valencia, Alejandro Valencia, Rene Garza and Mark Lonsway.



  • "Alice in Wonderland", is the first track featured on Maria's EP and is my favorite track as well. I feel like it stands out for me as opposed to the other. I have come to notice a slight sound of Marilyn Monroe in Kanellis' voice.
  • "Fantasy" , is the Kanellis' debut single as well as the lead single of "Sevin Sins". The official music video was released along with the song, it can viewed here -----
  • "Change Your Mind", is the third song featured in the EP.   Kanellis seems stripped back and emotionally bare on this track. 
  •  "Sevin Sins", is the final and fourth song as well named after the EP, however the song was way overpowered by the production to the point, the song fail flat for me.
Overall Review: The album itself is pretty good, not great nor bad. The self EP entitled track "Sevin Sins" was the disappointing part about the EP. Alice In Wonder Land is the best, Change Your Mind is the inbetween good and great, Fantasy is in neutral to slightly positive, while Sevin Sins was the Bad. Maria, I loved you in the ring and I love your music, but the EP needs a lot of work. The average listener likely won’t dismiss listening to this EP; if it’s catchy and has a great hook — it works. Hey! Its good for being released Independently, besides that the EP earns an C+.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Musical Review: You're Always Here by Ashley Tisdale.

You're Always Here" is a midtempo pop ballad. The instrumentation of the song includes elements of piano, organ and a blippy beat. The lyric content is basically about finding strength in loss.[Tisdale's grandfather Arnold Morris died on September 2, 2013 and the loss inspired her to write the this beautiful song.

"It's actually about my grandfather who passed away in September. It was something that just kind of came organically. I would go on walks and just write down some lyrics—and didn't even think I was gonna make it into a song—but my fiancĂ© [Christopher French] who produces music, actually sat down with me and we put it together" —Tisdale

The beautiful talented Ashley Tisdale makes a huge return with this oh-so magical mid-tempo ballad, highlighted by pianos, about finding strength in loss, Ashley earns an A+ for vocals and lyrics.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Ashley has been teasing an music video for the song, so stay alert!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Musical Review: "The Mashup" by Girls United

Fresh off the rejection from The X Factor, new girl group Girls United which features former Girlicious member Nichole Cordova, Alex Segal and Candice Craig. The girls of Girl United recently released the official music video of their cover of Ariana Grande's "Pink Champagne". The girls are back with their debut single "The Mashup"!
Girls United's "The Mashup" has that great hip-hop with dash of R&B sound that just takes my breath away. This is quite an debut single which I honestly would expected from Miss Cordova to provide us with. These girls are an great mix and they show how they do it in "The Mashup".
Watch Girls United's official music for "The Mashup" here. 
Girls United are really moving the Girl Power movement forward in time. I really wanted their cover of "Pink Champagne" to be an great debut single but "The Mashup" is an great start. The song showcases an melody that sounds like Robin S' "Show Me Love".  The song is produced by Orange Factory Music.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Character Review: CeCe Drake — Pretty Little Liars

As charming and manipulative as Alison DiLaurentis was, we get to see were Ali got those sociopathic qualities in CeCe Drake. CeCe possesses a charm eerily similar to Alison’s. While Ali "may" be dead, CeCe gives us an refreshing look at how Ali's life would of looked like. This beyond-charismatic twenty-something blonde stylist that sure does has one heel in the present, one in the past, CeCe leaves us wanting more.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cookie by Chanel West Coast

The song is by Chanel West Coast. The song premiered on the Fantasy Factory Season 5 episode 5 entitled "Eat My Cookie" which centers around the song. Rob re-writes the song and calls it "Meet My Puppy".


Cookie is actually catchy, her word play is accurate and proves to be fiercely individual. My favorite Chanel song because it is motivating and it caught my ear. It oozes individuality.

"Been No" by Chanel West Coast Review

The song gives me an image of rebellious college girl engaged in reckless behavior. The song is an perfect example of what college students who are on spring break, partying, drinking and smoking. The song is catchy and bizarre but yet it is purely satisfying.

Chanel West Coast Debut’s New Video “Been On” Featuring French Montana

“Filming that video was so much fun. Honestly, French is the homie and I was so happy we were able to make it happen. We filmed it in LA and luckily we are able to find time in both of our schedules to do it. We filmed at this dope mansion, the homie Mally Mall came through too, Tez was there. It was really chill. The vibe of the song had this after party type of feel to it and I remember this Fiona Apple video from a long time ago where everyone is just fucked up and having fun. That’s kind of the vibe I wanted to go for, but a little more glamorous and not as grungy. It was really like one big party filming it.”

Video Review:

"Been On" music video reminds me a lot like Miley Cyrus's "We Can't Stop" but the guests in We Can Stop were engaging in numerous bizarre actions while I honestly have to say Chanel's video was  more cleaned up, less desperate effort and edgier.