Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Musical Review: You're Always Here by Ashley Tisdale.

You're Always Here" is a midtempo pop ballad. The instrumentation of the song includes elements of piano, organ and a blippy beat. The lyric content is basically about finding strength in loss.[Tisdale's grandfather Arnold Morris died on September 2, 2013 and the loss inspired her to write the this beautiful song.

"It's actually about my grandfather who passed away in September. It was something that just kind of came organically. I would go on walks and just write down some lyrics—and didn't even think I was gonna make it into a song—but my fiancĂ© [Christopher French] who produces music, actually sat down with me and we put it together" —Tisdale

The beautiful talented Ashley Tisdale makes a huge return with this oh-so magical mid-tempo ballad, highlighted by pianos, about finding strength in loss, Ashley earns an A+ for vocals and lyrics.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Ashley has been teasing an music video for the song, so stay alert!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Musical Review: "The Mashup" by Girls United

Fresh off the rejection from The X Factor, new girl group Girls United which features former Girlicious member Nichole Cordova, Alex Segal and Candice Craig. The girls of Girl United recently released the official music video of their cover of Ariana Grande's "Pink Champagne". The girls are back with their debut single "The Mashup"!
Girls United's "The Mashup" has that great hip-hop with dash of R&B sound that just takes my breath away. This is quite an debut single which I honestly would expected from Miss Cordova to provide us with. These girls are an great mix and they show how they do it in "The Mashup".
Watch Girls United's official music for "The Mashup" here. 
Girls United are really moving the Girl Power movement forward in time. I really wanted their cover of "Pink Champagne" to be an great debut single but "The Mashup" is an great start. The song showcases an melody that sounds like Robin S' "Show Me Love".  The song is produced by Orange Factory Music.